Cardiovascular Implants Animation

Showcasing the mechanism-of-action of a unique tissue engineering technlogy that creates novel biomimetic cardiovascular implants.

This animation was created for a company that has developed biomimetic implants with the capacity for self renewal, remodelling, and growth. The technology is based on years of extensive research and has successfully shown feasibility, safety and efficacy for a number of different indications.


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LifeMatrix Technologies

Cardiovascular Implants Animation
Cardiovascular Implant Animation

We introduced the following key scenes to capture the novel technology, such as depicting human cells being placed and grown in culture on scaffold, cells on scaffold producing extra-cellular matrix (ECM), cells being removed, revealing tissue matrix, the new tissue matrix placed into the patient's body, and the immune system repopulating the tissue matrix with the body's own cells.

Cardiovascular Implants Animation
Cardiovascular Implant Animation
  • Cardiovascular Implant Animation by Geometric Medical

Thanks a lot, we are super happy with the video!

Project Manager, LifeMatrix, Zurich, Switzerland

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