Weight Loss Animation

An animation exploring how two areas of the brain are involved in weight loss, with a novel drug targeting the activation of neurons that reduce hunger cravings.

In this animation, we showcased how two areas of the brain — the hypothalamus (or the hunger center) and mesolimbic reward system, affect hunger and control cravings. Activation of neurons in the hypothalamus can trigger or reduce hunger, with POMC neurons being responsible for reducing hunger by releasing a neurotransmitter that reduces the desire to eat.


3D Animation
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Orexigen Therapeutics / Nalpropion Pharmaceuticals


Y&R New York / VML

  • Weight Loss Animation

We accommodated the clients' budget by creating an animation that was simple, yet elegant, with a "space" theme thoughout. We created as many moving elements as possible to keep everything looking dynamic.

View Weight Loss Case Study
View Weight Loss Case Study

I just wanted to forward some feedback I have received from the recently released videos. The doctors were very impressed... (they) like that set point was mentioned and felt that the visual MOA would resonate with them...The videos were very helpful in explaining their questions. Great addition to education.

SVP Pharmaceutical, National Sales, Orexigen Therapeutics, California, USA

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