Skin Care Animation

Exploring the beauty and the science of our skin.

This video is created for the global launch of a cell-signalling skin care technology from a nutritional healthcare company.

The company's exclusive cell-signaling complex claims to "support the natural communication between skin cells to awaken their natural renewing ability." The technology goes beyond traditional skincare regimens to "activate youth-preserving beauty functions".


3D Animations
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USANA Health Sciences, Inc.

  • Skin Cross-Section Animation

To compliment the live-action, we created the 3D animation exploring the beauty and the science of skin - from the process of natural wear and tear, into how this skin technology may help in reviving and making our skin healthy.

View Skin Care Case Study
View Skin Care Case Study

Oh looks GORGEOUS! Wow!!! Very, very nice! I could go on!

Executive Director, USANA Health Sciences, Utah, USA

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