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High quality 3D animation, illustration, interactive and bespoke design strategies.

We help connect your medical science, technology and brand — creating powerful and effective visual communications.

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3D Animation +
Motion + Film

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Illustration +
Print Design

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Apps + Mobile
Media Content

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Virtual & Augmented Reality,
360 VR Experience

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Holographic Animation +
3D Projection

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Tradeshows + Presentations
+ Custom Booth Solutions

3D Animation

Experienced in Medical & Scientific Content

We create animated stories that stands out, with clarity, scientific and creative excellence. Using the finest talent that spans the creative and healthcare industries, we achieve scientific accuracy with visual perfection. Our in-house production team collaborates with you in creating feature-film quality 3D medical animations, motion designs and videos.

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3D medical animation services

Illustration + Print Design

Elegant & Stunning Medical Illustrations & Printed Communications

We produce impactful and high-quality 3D illustrations for scientific visual communication needs. From medical to commercial images, our visual designs aim to effectively communicate product messaging and awareness with simplicity and clarity, and with striking impact that expresses in unexpected ways.

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medical illustration services

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Fully Immersive Interactive Designs with High-End CGI and VFX

Geometric Medical provides the very latest in cutting-edge technology by elevating your medical visualization into producing and creating virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) communication platforms. Our VR & AR design is a truly immersive technology that provides high-impact digital solutions and elevates audience engagement.

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VR, AR services

Apps & Mobile

Intuitive & Engaging Mobile Application Content Design

We produce beautiful and custom mobile content creation. Our digital capabilities is designed with a target audience in mind with user-friendly and clearcut messaging that truly engages patients, physicians, healthcare professionals and other medical & scientific stakeholders.

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mobile app services

Meetings, Presentations & Events

Impactful Content Strategy & Digital Media Solutions

From interactive content strategies, visual displays to 3D booth designs, our digital media solutions are custom-made to suit all your presentation needs and requirements. We produce eye-catching and impressive digital design that drives foot traffic and create a memorable experience that encourages your audience. We want you to stand out from the crowd and deliver impactful and meaningful messaging with successful results.

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digital content solutions

Breakdown of Services


  • 3D Modelling & Animation
  • Storyboarding
  • CGI, VFX
  • Concept Art
  • 4K or higher resolutions
  • 3D Stereoscopic Animation
  • Holographic Animation
  • Infographics
  • Post Production
  • Scriptwriting
  • Video Editing
  • Live-action + 3D Graphics
  • Virtual Reality (VR), 360° animation
  • Augmented reality (AR)
  • Music & Sound Effects
  • Professional Voiceover Recording


  • Illustration
  • Brochure / layout design
  • Presentations + Slide Kits
  • Slide decks
  • Medical Posters
  • Branding
  • Data Visualisation
  • Patient Support Kit
  • 3D Sketch Diagram
  • Commercial Print
  • UX / Journey Mapping layout
  • Blu-Ray & DVD design
  • 3D booth design for events
  • Sales kits / sales aids

Digital / Content

  • Digital content creation
  • Virtual events & conferences
  • Remote Learning Kits
  • Interactive Demonstration
  • Disease Education Websites
  • 360 VR, AR for events
  • E-learning modules
  • Conference booth backdrop
  • iPad / laptop presentations
  • Applications for mobile & tablet
  • Online media images
  • Conference media backdrop
  • Exhibition touchscreens
  • Content Strategy

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