Medical Device Animation

A selection of our medical device animation and diagnostics production work.

This video showcases selected animation work from various projects in the areas of medical devices, diagnostics and technology production.

Our animation expertise includes visualization of the mechanism of medical devices, molecular biology and sequencing reagents, array kits, chemistry and manufacturing platforms, as well as wearable technology devices.


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Medical Devices Animation
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Benefits of Medical Device Animation

Design Framework

3D medical device animation is beneficial to showcase a mechanism and to demonstrate how a technology, product or device effectively functions. It acts as a dynamic blueprint that visualises in high detail the inner workings of a product and its features. Medical device animation is ideal for education and training for an audience who may be unfamiliar with the intricacies or the science of the device/product.

Journey Mapping

For scientists and medical research, during the planning stages of a product or technology, medical device animation helps in mapping out the process, defining key features and designing overall product functionality. With 3D, medical device animation offers a dynamic view and can deep-dive into the structure and smallest parts of a product.

Instructional Use

A medical device animation is also ideal to demonstrate detailed guidance and step-by-step instructions-for-use of a product or device. It aids to showcase the process, its functionality and medical procedures. This is an ideal tool for patient education, physicians and stakeholders.

Uses of Medical Device Animation

- Presentation Tool for Physicians

- Patient Education

- IFU Materials

- Education & Training

- Product Marketing

- Sales Aid & Sales Training

- Virtual Presentations & Meetings

- Events & Tradeshows

- Research & Development

- Investor Presentations

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