Interactive + Digital Content

Creating immersive digital content and multimedia experiences for global pharma and healthcare industries that inspire, engage & deliver results.

We provide a holistic approach to your event digital needs through coordinated use of our creative content and interactive application design that defines and differentiates your science and brand to deliver compelling communications to your audience.

digital interactive
interactive visual displays

Content created for:

- Mobile & Tablet Applications 'Apps'
- Single & Multi touchscreens displays
- Video wall & screen displays
- Digital panel displays
- Interactive presentations
- e-Learning

- Virtual Reality (VR), 360° animation
- Augmented / Mixed-Reality
- Holographic 3D animation
- Interactive canvas displays
- Stereoscopic animation (IMAX-style)
- Digital Content for Pharma Marketing

Virtual Reality Animation by Geometric

Virtual Reality (VR)

Geometric Medical now brings scientific stories into real-time 3D, stereoscopic, spherical video, augmented and virtual reality experiences.

With high-end CGI content, our 3D virtual films take viewers on a truly immersive journey inside the human body, providing detailed understanding of biological processes.

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Augmented Reality (AR)

Our 3D assets are maximised to create immersive experiences that make interactions with virtual objects a seamless extension of the real world.

Whether through an application or AR glasses format, our augmented reality content elevate your communication, education and pharma marketing through our intuitive design, interaction and high-end 3D graphics.

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Augmented Reality by Geometric Medical
Mobile Apps

Mobile & Tablet Applications

Our creative content can be used in developing custom mobile & tablet applications for disease education, interactive sales aid, product education, interactive slide decks + scientific presentations and more.

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Holographic 3D Animation

For tradeshows & events, Geometric produces holographic 3D animation & projection, compatible with 3D displays such as realfiction or holocube. A smart medium to communicate your message with an intimate, dynamic and personal approach.

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Holographic Animation by Geometric Medical
3D booth design by Geometric Medical

Digital Booth Solutions

We design and create content for engaging creative booth solutions that drive foot traffic and delivers messaging in an exciting way, using the latest digital technologies. From 3D booth design, interactive and digital content, mechanism-of-action animations, live-action videos, content for touchscreen walls to e-learning and more.

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